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‘Life at Duck Level: Diary Comics, Amsterdam 2013′ >>>NOW AVAILABLE!<<<

December 8, 2014

LADL Cover

My new comic ‘Life at Duck Level’ is now available from my webshop:

32 A3 size pages of quality pink stock. The comic collects all the diary strips that I made in 2013, my first year living in Amsterdam, NL. It is my first annual diary comics collection for a few years and I’m really proud of it.


Amsterdam Nacht Cafe Riso.

November 23, 2014

Amster Nacht Cafe Riso LOW

‘Amsterdam Nacht Cafe’ is one of the risograph prints made as a reward for the kickstarter backers of my new comic ‘Life at Duck Level’.  I’ve been harvesting notebook sketches in order to make compositions of life in Amsterdam that don’t use typical signifiers such as canals, bridges, wonky houses etc.

Amster Nacht Cafe detail low

Expertly produced by Ditto Press in blue, yellow and black. >>>These are now SOLD OUT! Thanks!<<<

Steady Lurking: Amsterdam Music Scenario.

October 11, 2014

A four page comic report that I made about the gig scene in Amsterdam for Radio On, a new comics-about-music publication out of the North East of England. Get yourself a copy!

Amsterdam Music Scenario P1blog Amsterdam Music Scenario P2blog Amsterdam Music Scenario P3 blogpic

Life at Duck Level ****FUNDED – Coming soon****

September 5, 2014


The kickstarter for my new comic ‘Life at Duck Level‘ is now live. There are a handful of funding options and levels of support should you be so inclined. Riso prints, screen prints and original artwork are available – I’ll post images of these along with updates in the coming weeks. Prices are in euros by the by. Thanks to My Autumn Empire for the use of ‘Megan’ from ‘II’!

UPDATE: Life at Duck Level has been fully funded and is going to print in the next few weeks!

Bath 6.

July 13, 2014

Bath 6 low

Modern Antiquities.

June 25, 2014

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Lincoln Ocean Victor Edward.

June 11, 2014


A result of a drawing project that I worked on last weekend at Amsterdam Roest’s Roestige Planken arts festival.

Over a couple of afternoon sessions, participants each wrote a description of a person whom they love and I made drawings of people based on the information provided… Read more…


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